VM Tarm a/s regularly donates part of its profits to various charitable causes. For a number of years, the donations have been distributed primarily between development projects and emergency aid, but in the future there will be more focus on projects that have to do with the environment and climate.​​​

We support the Armed Forces of Ukraine

​The economic support from European governments to Ukraine is unfortunately decreasing. Meanwhile, Russia is escalating its attacks. Therefore, as a private company, we have chosen to contribute with a donation of 100,000 DKK to the Danish Ukraine Committee. The funds will be channeled towards weapons and security equipment for Ukrainian soldiers.

January 2024


Every year VM Tarm gives a financial support to a local Indian education centre in the state of Tamil Nadu.

The centre – "Women Workers Training Center" – aims through schooling and training to help girls and young women be prepared to cope with adulthood.

The centre also has a farm, where new farming methods are trialled and the surrounding villages are trained in agriculture.

In the villages there is also training in health issues, children's rights and the start-up of local finance groups.

Emergency humanitarian aid

When people around the world are impacted by wars and disasters, the foundation of their lives is ripped out from under them – and perspective on life can almost disappear into unpredictable chaos.

Continuously, VM Tarm is supporting people who are experiencing such difficulties. The support is channelled through DanChurchAid which works largely through local partners. It provides responsible, timely, coordinated and effective emergency response in both acute and long-term crises – always targeting the needs and priorities of the affected populations.

Specifically, the work encompasses everything from the development of local disaster preparedness to the distribution of cash for people affected by disasters - including trauma treatment, food delivery, conflict mediation, shelter and water and sanitation. And in the longer term, education and income-generating activities, which can provide the basis for a new and better future.

We care about our climate

Road tankers and sustainability

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